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New MODZ... My thoughts... Buncha stuff...

Well it looks like were gonna need some Moderators once again, to put a stop to all these posts that talk about the same thing, take off offensive avy's, and have some Forum control.

Im glad that Mecca changed his AV, was funny at first, but got old, and a little disturbing for the younger community that comes on this forum.

The crew thing, IF you know you didnt cheat then dont even have to say you didnt cheat more than once. Say it and leave it as that, the more you defend yourself the more in the hole your putting yourself in.

Just be lucky your group didnt get disbanned, i was in that position twice, with rom3o and Zura, both crews got disbanned cause of potential "hacking". Just be lucky you didnt get your whole crew wiped.

The new crew setup is great for competition, and it is showing alot this round, so naturally anything odd will get accounted as cheating, so unless proven just take the accusations, till RAY or CRES handles the matter. Notify them first thing, so they know whats up, and will be able to talk to you about it, instead of Banning or disban your crew without contact.

I like this game, and dont wanna see it go more downhill than it is.

And for all you people who are wondering, My IGN is o_O_MIDORI_O_o, so we dont have to ask, thanks for reading, and have a nice day.
[Image: Midori_Fairy_by_buttonnose.jpg]

Thanks for the quick overview.. are you a mod now or something?

Re-Ignite the FLAME.

haha hell no, we need some though, and yeah wheres rick?
[Image: Midori_Fairy_by_buttonnose.jpg]

Midori is back what? when did this happen?
Don't Fuck with Vendetta

Yea.. we deff need some authority in this forum lol..
Really Tho.. This Thing Your Reading Is Just My Sig..

Well kronic Krew is back.. why not just let them moderate the forums.. that's what they did back in the day Confusedhock:

Re-Ignite the FLAME.

Take a toke
Smoke a Smoke
Drink a beer
Invade bitches
Invade tricks

Thats just it tho.. we cant understand u..lol..
Really Tho.. This Thing Your Reading Is Just My Sig..

all my mc love goes to middy and maybe middy should be a moderator w/myself of course Wink

kyle werent you a sports mod on 1 of these forums back in the day?
and AirManAnf kyle seems to be doing good now
[Image: club.gif]

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