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The time has come - Public Beta testing period to begin

July 03, 2011
In anticipation of launching the public release of the all new Midnite Challenge, we will begin a public Beta testing period July 3, 2011. During this time, we welcome all new and old players to join us and discovering all the new additions to Midnite Challenge as well as any quirks and/or bugs.

The public Beta testing period will continue until we are confident that game play is 100% bug free and fair for all players. Keep in mind, that during the Beta testing phase, we can not guarantee account stability and the game period(s) can be reset at any time if fixing a bug requires us to do so. If you do find a quirk or bug in the game play, please report it immediately to the Bugs and Support Forum with as much detail on how to reproduce the bug.

With that said, welcome and enjoy!