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No one is online anymore. I play from my phone (no cpu) which gets difficult at times but the game has changed. Granted it's my 4th session back but where is everyone. It's the same 6 of us at top at all times. Granted Chris didn't play this session and kiro is banned??? But didn't make a difference. Somehow those lower or newer players need an incentive to play. This is getting old. I might spend money but that's to get number one but if I'm the only outcast up there like I am it's debatable. Somehow we need more competition

I mean crest I might be wrong but what I've seen you do this for a living cpu designer or whatever and you live in cali. Come on man I went to western Carolina not my field but know at least 2 people that could make this an app and not take away from the game. Great changes don't get me wrong but this should have happened 6 years ago when I played and you were giving cash gift prizes to cheaters sorry if I'm wrong but it is what if is

I'm open to suggestions. What do you have in mind?

I don't have specifics but like what's been said offer new users some kind of incentive credits tutor idk something in that nature. Maybe get some kind of advertising and phone friendly usage. Something to make people want to come back and tell people about.

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