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Mc book

who has the Midnitechallenge written book again? please send to [email protected]

thanks i want to read the legend book and how to play and do all MC things like boost tune and hi

You should be able to dig it up in the forums. Otherwise, you can read the How To Play guide in the FAQ section.


Admin Wrote:You should be able to dig it up in the forums. Otherwise, you can read the How To Play guide in the FAQ section.


Thanks just wondering about itSmile

Here is the original bible that I wrote in like 04-05.

Let's start with HI, CJ, and Stealing Cars:

HI #s
racing - 154/221 , 152/233 , 235/360 , 135/231 , 122/233
tuning - 154/221 , 152/233 , 235/360 , 235/369 , 122/188
prowling - 235/360 , 235/369 , 154/231 , 120/230
home online & offline - 133/233 , 235/369 ,120/120 ,122/232 , 141/220 , 153/233 , 237/143, 150/130

144 , 149 , 197 , 202 , 210 , 215 , 222 , 403 - there is no real timing in CJ'n. Just try #s until you hit. I like to do 149 , then 202 , then 144. if you miss after 5 tries , move onto someone else. you can always use 403. its a big # , but works better than other other #.

Stealing Cars
Stealing cars:
w/o alarm or low leval it is:

ok , online HIs:
say your nw is 2mil , your ideal target would be someone with a nw no more than 10mil. if your nw is 10mil or more ,the sky is the limit. its easiest to hit someone no more than 10mil over you , but possible for anyhting if your skill lvl is high enough. the higher your lvl , the better. 19 is a great lvl to HI at. anything higher is even better. never try and HI below you , its possible , but thats information ill never give out b/c only me and 1 other person can do it.

ok , say a guy is online racing and in your HI range. first put in 154/221 , if you miss , hit back and use 152/233 , if you miss , hit back and use 235/360 , if you miss , use 135/231. if you miss with all of those , move on to someone else. nw does matter. ive gotten 17 HIs in 1 day before , but ive also gone all night w/o 1. getting down the right nw helps alot. thats somehting you will learn to judge in time. just pay attention to what your nw is and what their nw is when you hit them. figure the diff and log it. then try again on someone the same nw diff. keep the same stradegy.

ok , the daddy of all , At Home HIs:
nw diff is the same for offline as it is with online. finding the right nw diff is important. if my nw is below 10mil , i dont try anyone 13-14mil over me. if your nw is 15mil or higher , try to go for someone 17-19mil above you. ok , first put in 133/233 , if you miss , hit back and use 235/369 , if you miss again , wait anywhere from 3-8 sec and use 133/233 or 235/369. Timing is diffrent for everyone. it takes practice to find yours. 133/233 works best for online at homes and 235/369 for offline at homes. if you miss with all of this , sign out and sign back in and try someone else. wait 5 min before you try someone else though. usually if you miss someone , try someone about 2mil under the guy you just tried.

Timing Cont.
also , watch the game countdown clock. I hit best when the seconds are between :58-:50 , :26-:20 , or :08-:00.

***im adding to this as i go , so it might not be in order. when i think of stuff , ive been just adding the info as i go***

i know some of you have heard about the 15min timing thing , it is bullshit. you can HI any hour of the day with the write # and write timing. when you do HI someone you can hit back and try again , about %60 of the time , it will let you HI the same person again. wait about 5-8 sec. also , if you hit on the 1st or 2nd try , log out , sign back in and wait 2 min. 90% of the time you can hit the same person within 2 tries again. if it works , sign out , back in and wait 1 min and try again. if you are trying to HI someone and you miss like 4 times. stop and wait about 30 min and try again. DONT FORCE AN HI.

side note - i can tell you everything there is to know about this game , but it is diffrent for everyone. i have helped many people in this game and given them the same info im giving you. it works for them , but they do change the # sequence and things like that to their liking. if this doesnt work for some reason, change up the # sequence. sometimes you might want to try 3 #s , then sign out and back in and try again. just play with it. it does take practice , but you will get it.

This section is for the non-HIer's..
*****IMPORTANT - your win/lose ratio determines how happy your models will be. 0.61 is perfect. your models wont get too happy to where you cant recruit more , but they will get happy enough when it comes to working them.

When the game starts and you have 5k br , its hard to get started. what i do is cruise w/o a car for about 200 credits , then again for 100. after that , it will tell you that you need to raise your pf. you should get about 120 models. work them a few times and get alittle nw. then buy a car and buy a few PF parts (boom system , headlights , whatever) , then cruise for more models. you can keep cruisin w/o a car , but you will have to lose some models before it will ;et you get more. the more models you have and the happier they are , the less models you will get when you cruise.

Ok , once you hit about 30k , or close to it , buy a 96 land rover. this car gives the most PF. with 160k br , you can buy all the parts and have a 862PF with all the right parts. then cruise for 10 credits at a time over and over and you will get arounbd 34-37 models for every 10 you cruise. just put in 10 , and keep clicking cruise, dont let the next page load. do the math to determine how many clicks to do for 1k models (1 click = 35models) stop at 1k models though b/c it will tell you to raise your PF after you hit 1k. just keep working that until you get enough nw to where you can start recruiting.

once you have a nice nw , around 20mil or so , maybe less , get someone to cruise on their account for you and just recruit from them. have them buy a rover and just cruise over and over. i use about 60k per recruit ,you get about 100 models , depending on how happy yours and his are. again , just put in 60k and keep clicking recruit. you can get about 18k models with 4500 credits. as they cruise , recruit from them. just make sure you keep sending them races every 4 min so they dont get CJ'd (you cant get CJ'd if you have a race pending). at a low nw like 10-20mil nw , you can make about 15mil nw with 1k creidts. try and get them as happy as possible. the happier they are , the more money they will make for you. as you race the person you are recruiting from (the person cruisin for you) , your model happiness with go up and down alittle (about 5% a race) make sure you stop racing on the race that makes it go UP 5%. after you get your models , sign out and have someone race you offline and you win. usually your models jump about 10% when you win an offline race.

after you get your models to ATLEAST 80% , 75% will do , the like i said , the happier the better , work 1k , if they stay ,sign out and sign back in. then recruit from someone another 300 models or so , then work 1k twice. put in 1000 and click work twice. if they stay , log out , back in , recruit another 200 or so and do the 2 click thing. keep doing this until they leave. with a .61 w/l ratio , you should be abel to get atleast 6k credits worth or works. if they are like 90% happy , you can get alot more. ive gotten 10 works with 15k models when they were 90% and made almost 300mil.

Tuning from the best tuner in the game , Pussy (drunk2003)
This will work for version 1.3e:

Most of you must have noticed that everyone has the same car. Fastest cars are now low weight rear drive cars. That is the MRS in this game. I could tell you what parts to use, but maybe the parts will change, so you better know how to figure out the best parts. So how to start; PR is very important, so how to get the max pr out of your car. You need a supercharger and nos. Instead of a sc you could also take a turbo, that gives less pr but is about as fast on the track. Best way to figure out the parts is to build it when it's not fully upgraded, that would make it too expensive when you make an error, so always setup your car without upgrades for boost nitro etc. You could however buy security levels at this point to prevent your carefully tuned machine being stolen. Instal a part you think is best, then go to your garage and check PR, usually it is not 100% so you have to devide the actual PR with the % that is behind. So PR 200 (75) will have a 100% PR @ 200/0.75 = 266.66. When you install SC A and it gives you 210 (0,80%) and install SC b that gives 175 (60%) SC b is the faster part (175/0,60 = 291.67 and 210/0,80 = 262.5). This you can do to all parts. Just see what gives you most PR.

For handling just look at the handling rate when it goes up when you install it, same as pimp. Some parts give better handling but less pimp, it's up to you what you prefer. I would say f$%ck pimp cause it's better to steal models anyway.

OK, now that we have setup a car with most PR, we can go to dyno. remember, the car still isnt upgraded for boost nitro etc. For dyno, we all have sc and turbocharged cars, so we have to set them up at the dot under the 12.5. So first try to line them all up under there. so when they all are under the 12.5 add 1 to ALL and do that until every single line jumps one dot. If a line jumps, don't change that line and continue with the other lines. In the end you will have them all off by one dot. then substract 2 from all lines and they will be exactly right. Usually, that doesn't give you 100% PR , that's when the sparkplug plays it's part. Just change it by lowering the spark by 2 . You can change your interval with changes of one when you are close. This way you will be able to get it to 100%. Sometimes the spark plug has to be that low, that you can't get 100%, you can lower the spark to 22 if needed, the minimum of 26 is not correct. Even then it could happen that you won't get 100%. then it's up to you if you stick with 99.9% or sell that SC and nitro and install new ones. Then you would have to dynotune all over again but you will be able to get to 100%. If spark is [censored] up, I usually don't do that, only for WWWIII I would make 100%.


OK, when your car is 100% you could upgrade it in the tunershop to the maximum. when you do that just click all lines and hit enter, hit back to continue with next upgrade. After you have done that, you go to dyno once more and click the button once, that will give you your 100% back

Let's TestNTune.

You can read all tutorials you want, but you only have to look at the 60ft time. Just do it box by box. So, to start, go to box one and add 2 to the number or lower it by two. Check what gives you a lower 60ft and go in the direction which is faster. You will notice that at a certain point it will go slower again, then it's time to fine tune. just up or lower the number in the box by one to see the lowest 60ft time. Usually when the best setting is at 33 32 and 34 will give about the
same 60ft and 33 will have the fastest. Do that to all lines, but camber, the last box is 0 anyway. Maybe they will change that in future games you could try that out.

After you have done this your car will be [censored] fast, only pink with your car though when you can afford it and remeber to copy and paste your garage to notepad and save it in case you lose a pink race or your car got stolen by the thieves trained by teet

Please be sure to click "Log Out" in the top right hand corner of you screen. if you just click the "x" , you will stay in the status you were last logged in as.

I have been in the winning crew for 5 sessions now. why? b/c we stick together. a great crew consist of theifs and workers. the way it is setup now , you need to get a couple top guys in your crew b/c they are the ones who are gonna work the most. i have ran with the best people and we have always stuck together. get to know someone before you invite them to your crew. they could just be there to hurt you. friends are hard to find in this game, but there are alot of good people in this game. just win as many races as possible to get crew models. keep your car tuned and only race people who you know you can beat. also , if you send someone a crew battle and they dont accept or decline ,you will lose the 25k it took to send the challenge. so setup the crew battle before you send or you will just hurt yourself and your crew.

whoever jumps in the first couple of days is gonna have the most exp , but they get the most exp from racing the guys with the lowest nw and lowest lvl. so you can either jump in nw the first couple of days and do it that way , or just spam the top 3 guys and build exp that way. stay at lvl 1 until you are ready to lvl. lvl 20+ is best for HIn , thats about 350k exp , so it wont take much. more than that will only help in crew avg skill and racing people.

Additional advice
Remember , this is just a game. enjoy playing it. Practice , tune your skills and become the best. having enemies is fun , God knows i made alot during my 8 months on mc , but whats more important is friends and your crew. i have run with the best there will ever be in this game and the best guys ive ever had the plesure of knowing. if you get HId , dont send a PM sounding like an idiot , "[censored] you bitch , im going to [censored] you up". simply send "im sorry that you felt you had to come over to my house w/o me inivting you. i enjoyed your visit and i will have to return the favor very soon". be nice , act confident even if you arent. earn respect , dont make people hate you , make people respect you.

*******MOST IMPORTANT*********
The people you talk to and run with can make you or break you. Listen to what vet's and your friends have to say. Communicate with one another. Don't be a loner , you will never win that way.

The people who taught me so much and who deserve respect

Dan Danger

Side Note
Danj has taught me almost everything i know in this game. if it werent for him , i would never of been able to learn everything that is in this Bible. I owe you everything Danj. Thanks for everything man.

it has been a blast playing with all of you and i will miss playing with the best players in the game. this tutorial is free b/c i want to pass everything i have learned onto all of you. i am passing the torch onto all of you. use this guide well and good luck to all of you. i will miss this game and all of you.

Here is the last one I wrote in 2011

MC Bible revised 9/28/2011 by Teet

So I’m going to start out by saying that this is an awesome and very addictive game. I have met a lot of good friends on this game and have spent 8 years playing it on and off. I wrote the original MC Bible back in 2004 which you can find on the forums, but it is a bit outdated, so I thought I would write a new one.

Now keep in mind that some things will change in the game. Whether it’s different cars or different home invasion numbers, but the basics in this guide have always been basically the same since I started. I have played with the best people to ever play this game and wouldn’t be able to write this guide without them, so I am very grateful for them and this game. This guide is very detailed, so it will probably turn out being a lot to read at one time. I will break it down the best I can and you can just refer to a section as you have questions. Now let’s get started.

The basics
The game is a text based racing game. There are over 100 different cars you can buy, modify, and race. You can also steal people’s cars as well as home invade them and take away money and calendars from their inventory and put it in yours. When you first sign in, you will start out with $20,000 cash, 1,000 credits, 40 energy, and start at level 1.
Cash - Your cash is very important, so don’t waste it on different parts or cars unless you need them.
Credits - You start out with 1,000 credits and you will receive 10 more credits every 10 minutes with a max of 1,000 or if you buy membership ($6 for 1 month) you will earn 20 credits every 10 minutes with a max of 2,000. You honestly won’t be able to compete with the top players unless you have membership, but learn the game first.
Energy - You start out with 40 energy. Every time you race, you use 1 energy. You will build up 1 energy every 5 minutes with a max of 40 that you can build up at one time. You also will receive 1 energy pack, which contains 80 energy, every 7 hours with a max or 4 packs that you can store. If you build 40 energy in your inventory (top right box) and 4 energy packs, race once and use an energy pack so you can start working towards more energy. If you don’t, then you won’t build more packs until you use one and the 7 hour timer only starts once you go to 3 packs.
Level – Everyone starts out at level 1. You reach the next level when you hit 100%. At that point you will have the click the “+” next to the % and pay cash to level to the next level. Each time you race, your % will rise. Sometimes it will rise 1%, but sometimes it might only raise by .1%, so don’t be alarmed if it takes you awhile to level. When you go to race someone, it will tell you how many experience points you


get for racing that person. The closer the race is, the more experience points you will get, but be careful not to lose because it will cost you money if you lose.

Getting started day 1
Everyone has a different way of getting started, but I have used this method for 8 years now and I have always had great success with it. Starting out, buy a Honda Del Sol (this is one of those things that might change over time). It will cost you $4,000. This is the best car to have until you get to level 5 (I will go over cars later). This is the fastest car for the price and has the most parts available for it. After you buy the Del Sol, buy an intake, header, and exhaust. With parts, the most expensive parts are usually the best, but at this point, it’s not going to matter that much. You just want to make sure you are faster than people with stock cars. Now, you will need to buy fuel. On the page where you modify your car, click refuel. With the parts you have, you will use about 1% of fuel per race, so watch your fuel level. When you get down to 15%, you will need to refuel and do a tune-up which both will cost you money.
Before you start racing too much, you will need some models to make you some money so you can afford to keep fuel and your car tuned up. Once you have your car, 3 parts, and fuel (which you don’t use for cruising) click the arrow by “Actions” and click “Cruise”. Now always cruise 1 at a time, no matter what level you are or where you are in the game. You will get the most models cruising 1. At this point you will only get 1-3 models per cruise. You will get more models when you cruise the higher your level and the better your win/loss ratio is. After you build up about 50-100 models, you will be set until you level again. My rule is level 1, keep 100 models, once you get to level 2, keep 200 models, level 3 , 300 models etc. Now you will need to click the arrow by “Actions” again and click “Work”. Then click “buy more calendars”. Put all of your cash in calendars and where it says “hours to work your models” put 100 (don’t go over 100 until you are level 5+ and have at least 20,000-50,000 calendars. Where it says “percentage to pay your models” put 10. You can put higher if you want, but don’t go over 13% or you won’t make near as much. The more % you pay them, the happier they will stay, but the less you will make. The higher % of happiness your models are (the % on the models live in the top right box) the more money they will make you. You can make them higher by winning races and keeping a good win/loss ratio.
Work 100 hours and pay them 10%-12% until you sell all of your calendars. The money will go into your cash inventory. Whatever amount that it says you made after you work, you actually only make about 75% of that number (until they fix it). Now that you have some cash on hand (hopefully around $20,000) which you can keep buying calendars and working as much as you want, but you need to start racing with whatever credits that you have left. You can work more later when you get back down to $5000-$10,000 cash.

Racing – When you are choosing someone to race, you can do one of two things. One, you can look at the leaders board and see who has a lot more loses than wins, or you can go to the game stats page and


look to see who has the most loses. Everyone round there are 2-3 people who don’t try to level so they will just take loses. DO NOT try to race someone with a lot of wins and very few loses unless you know for a fact that you are a higher level and have a faster car. If you lose, it will cost you cash and you won’t gain any experience, so this is very important. Again, make sure to watch your fuel level and don’t forget to tune your car when you buy fuel. Once you find someone who you are beating in every race, just stick to racing that person so you know you will win. You want to have as few loses as possible to keep your win/loss ratio as high as possible, 95% or higher is ideal. Otherwise it will be hard to get models and for them to make you more money later in the game. There will be some player who will race you just to get models from you because if you lose a race, you have a chance of losing a model if you a beat, but the same works if you beat someone.
Best cars per level
Level 1-4 - Honda Del Sol ($4,000)
Level 5-9 - Ferrari Dino ($57,000)
Level 10-14 - Lamborghini Miura ($420,000)
Level 15+ - Ferrari Tesa ($15,000,000)
Tuning – You can make your car faster by doing a Test’n Tune and Dyno Tune. After you test and tune, you really don’t need to mess with the numbers much, You can play with them some, but keep in mind that by changing the numbers you might make your car faster, but you will probably make it slower. So until you get better at the game, just click Test’n Tune and don’t play with those numbers. After you TNT, you will need to Dyno Tune. With Dyno, you will most likely need to play with the numbers to get the more horse power out of your car. After you click Dyno Tune you will see a chart. It will show your horse power through your RPM’s (1000-9000). You want the red line to be as flat as possible running somewhere between 13-14 Air/Fuel Ration. Don’t worry about getting is perfect, you just need it to be close. Wherever you see the line jump above where you want it, look down and see what RPM it is and to the right of the chart you will see your RPM settings. You can change the RPMs there. Don’t change the number by more than 5 at a time up or down. Say it is a 65, try lowering it to 60, then Dyno it again. If the red line to worse than it was before, go down 5 from what it was to begin with. So if it started at 65 and 60 made it worse, try 70 or maybe even 67. This will take time and you will get better at it the more you practice. Once you get the red line as flat as you want it, Test’n Tune again and see if your 1320 ft time lowered. If it did, you did a good job. If not, go play with the dyno some more. Also, each time you level, you will be able to buy more parts and be able to upgrade certain parts like turbo and NOS, so make sure each time you level (after level 5) you buy new parts that become available to you. After each new part is installed you will need to TNT and Dyno again to get the most out of the part.
Working – I went over most of what you will need to know earlier in the guide. Just remember, don’t work more than 100 hours and 12% until you get a lot of calendars. If you work too much and run out of calendars while your models are working, their happiness will go down and some might even leave you. The best thing to do is once you work 100/12%, whatever money you made, use it to buy more calendars. If you don’t use all of them you can always sell them for face value and get the money back in cash.
Home Invasions and Stealing Cars – Now this is probably the hardest part of the game. It can be very rewarding once you get good at it, but it will cost you a lot of credits and cash learning. I wouldn’t even try to Home Invade someone until you have plenty of cash to lose in case you get caught and have some credits to spare to practice. Now I’m not going to give away numbers in this guide, but I will tell you that you shouldn’t try to home invade someone who is more than 2 times your net worth. As far as what combination of numbers to use, again, practice. The one hint I will give you is don’t use more than 100 credits scoping and more than 200 credits planning. There are several combo’s that work. You will just have to practice or maybe you will get lucky and someone will give you a good combo that works.
Crews – You can join a crew or start one of your own. Once you have 5 people in your crew, you will start doing crew races against other crews. You will have 1 crew race an hour and it rotates between your crew as to who races for you. Make sure you keep your crew in fast cars because the crew with the most wins at the end of the round, wins.
Recruiting Models – Right now, this is a waste of time to try. They changed it and now no matter how many calendars you spend trying to recruit models from someone, you won’t get any, so don’t even try this until they change it.

That’s about it. Like I said, this game is very fun and you can meet a lot of good people on it. Remember that it is just a game. I know you will get mad if someone steals your car or home invades you, but it’s part of the game. The more you play, the better you will get. Just look at the first couple of rounds as a learning curve and once you get the hang of it, you will start to hang with the big boys. Have fun and don’t be afraid to ask people questions in the forums or in game chat.

The first one I wrote to level out the game. The same people won every round bc HI #s were not well known so it was written to give everyone a chance. The second one was more of a beginners guide. They are old, but the basic rules are still there.

teet Wrote:The first one I wrote to level out the game. The same people won every round bc HI #s were not well known so it was written to give everyone a chance. The second one was more of a beginners guide. They are old, but the basic rules are still there.
2nd guide very helpful this is what i was looking for Smile

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