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I just want to say thanks to justin for letting me lead top crew and thanks to my fellows sexy and matty_bond for being a part of the crew.Oh and thanks to angie for being a cheerleader Smile. I finally got 2nd place which is closer to 1st place and good game. See you all next session.After spending a whole lot of cash my hardwork paid off. Lol

Congrats brody you deserve it.

rhs Wrote:Congrats brody you deserve it.

Thanks and i think so after playing every couple hours and spending ton of money and time Smile fun game thow

Haha I know.. Big bank control the game bruh.. It's always been like that.

big bank ftw :o
[SIZE="5"]#1 most icons in game.[/SIZE] CoolWink:redface:Big Grin

I am retired ... long live SILENCE

[SIZE="5"]My Sluts

Pandera !!!!

[Image: laker.gif]
[Image: 49175.png] [Image: 49175-3199.gif]

Getting harassed? Have a cheat or bug to report? Have ideas to help the game. Feel free to contact me

jeremy brown says
im gay i like men

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