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Go back to shorter games

I know I asked for a longer game round which was fun for a round, but now I don't know if it's just me, but it seems to be a little more boring with the longer rounds. The most time that we spend on the game is in the first 7-10 days racing and trying to HI and what not, but after 2 weeks there really isn't anything to do after everyone is done racing and the top players have jumped out of range of everyone. What does everyone think about going back to 14 day rounds? I think we would get more competition and everyone would spend more time playing since every day counts more in a shorter round. Plus people might spend more since you have to make your moves whether its racing or HIing early since you don't have time to waste. Plus, the most exciting and fun part of the game is in the first few days so we need that to happen more often. Thanks

+1 agreed

i found a good HI number haha. got 4-5 in a rowTongue
Now boost hmmmm

houseplayer Wrote:i found a good HI number haha. got 4-5 in a rowTongue
Now boost hmmmm

lol i saw you prowling and you were at 15 caughts with 12 HIs and now you are at 37 caughts with 12 HIs. not that good of a #. lol

i agree shorter is better
[SIZE="5"]#1 most icons in game.[/SIZE] CoolWink:redface:Big Grin

I am retired ... long live SILENCE

[SIZE="5"]My Sluts

Pandera !!!!

[Image: laker.gif]
[Image: 49175.png] [Image: 49175-3199.gif]

Getting harassed? Have a cheat or bug to report? Have ideas to help the game. Feel free to contact me

jeremy brown says
im gay i like men

Most of my caughts are from boostingTongue i did have more his then caughts at one stage. This number works well but im stuck at a stupid net lol need to be 1/2 your oppent works bestTongue

you ratio is getting worse and worse lol 2x your nw is the rule no matter what # you use. All HI numbers work best if the person is under 2x your nw.

I git GSPCS he was at 4.1 mill when i hit him.
i got 2 hits worth 10k each lol and this is his result

[wtfx] GsPCs+


He went up in netTongue

$9,306 @ 9:40PM / $6,007 @ 9:40PM ~Nov. 17th
Hmmm I worked 23 minutes prior to that..... Maybe I received an insurance payout at that time.

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