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Whos playing and who aint?

Curious to who is going to play and who is going to sit out atleast for this round?

Personally im going to wait and see what changes are made in the future and whether any of them spark my interest again done the whole bug finding thing but after that i lost interest but i know some like it so thought id ask

i'm gonna retire until a new mc is brought out that is similar to rpevious version, something that is playable
i find my self running out of credit after 3 minutes of spamming now
Those who say a lot know nothing, Those who say nothing know a lot

i dont have time to play ....

but i would give it one round if i could play ... then decide then ...
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

I'm usually pretty open minded, and also was under the impression that the game was only going to be gay for five days. I'll play again when it isn't lame as fuck. Sorry, but this game has only gotten progressively worse.
Who needs friends or skill when you have a fat wallet?

i actually dont mind it now i thought it sucked in the beginning but now i got the hang up it i'll definetly continue playing and i want my blue thumb so i'll be playing untill i get it

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Put That Knife In Ya
Take A Little Bit Of Life From Ya
Am I Frightening Ya?
Shall I Continue
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I Let It Hum To Ya
The Others One Sing Along
Now It's A Duet?
Nd You Wet, When You Check Out The Technique
From The Two Teckz

racing seems not half bad either ... hrrrm ... might have to race a few rounds when i got my head around everything when i can play haha
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

so confused....Big Grin

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