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03-10-2008 Update

The following update has been made:

- Only the crew leader can remove members of the crew
- A seperate "kick" password is now required to remove a player from your crew. We suggest you set this password to something DIFFERENT than you login password.
- If you are a crew leader and do not know your new 'kick' password, please use the "Forgot Password" feature in the "My Crew" page
- The crew leader is SOLELY responsible for protecting the privacy of the password. From now on, if your crew gets disbanded (burnt) without your knowledge as a crew leader, that is your own problem and we will no longer fix the crew.

Very..very..very good idea.

I applaud you on handling the situation well, 2 days late for me but it is a fantastic idea.

wAHOOO. Some more great updates. Thanks Cres and Ray
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I concur along with Seth and Chad, this update to the crew is very useful and helpful. Thanks for this!

thread name: sick of being bisband, my idea thanks haha
ill bring you hell

now that there is a sweet idea...great job cres and ray

awesome possum :postwhore:
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I am retired ... long live SILENCE

[SIZE="5"]My Sluts

Pandera !!!!

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