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February Credit Blitz!!!!!


All credit purchases of $5 or more will be doubled up to 100$ once a day.

This means that you can purchase up to $200 in credits over the span of the two days getting a max of $100 in bonus credits each day.:eek::eek:

IE: If you buy 4k credits you will receive another 4k bonus.

To get your bonus credits please send in a support ticket with your purchase information

Any person who buys a NEW membership will receive the option to give a second one to a friend. You may NOT buy one and give yourself the membership for a second month. Both must be used at the same time. Also the friend you give the membership too MUST also not be a member nor ever have been one.
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I bought some credits earlier and sent in my support ticket.... its been about a day almost and still no reply or credits

if you could let me know if there is a problem thanks

What Do You Send In The Ticket?
The Reciept Number?? Or What Lol :S

what payment process have you used and please give us the receipt number and details so i can take care of this.

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I am retired ... long live SILENCE

[SIZE="5"]My Sluts

Pandera !!!!

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jeremy brown says
im gay i like men

I Was just Asking, My Last Purchase Wasnt Before The Start, Im Just Asking For Future Purchases, So When I Purchase, Will I Give My Reciept Number (ITs Paypal Btw)
MC Name:

Still havent recieved free credits....

its been 3 days now, and i was wonderin if there was a problem?

Well A Couple Have Been Having Problems, Which Steered Me Away From Buyin Them...
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