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I got a question

U have to try different combo's that 69/169 always dont work.. try:


Personally, i dont care when i get hit. i used to when i first started a few sessions ago but you get used to it and its all apart of the game so who cares. i am burning all the time so if someone wants to hit me, then go ahead

everybody uses my #'s now >_> lol
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Rakim I love you <3

I guess I have to thank you for making the number Tongue
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ya thanks, lol.

29/169 is my fav combo. low creds and can hit anyone with it

sweet i will have to use them sometime i guess and see if they work for me
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wut about 47/147 ?? i was always told to use that one when i asked the "pros" for help with HI.lol

and this whole thread has been off topic except the first question and the first reply. from then it went all down hill.

*Click Click*
*Click Click Click* damn mod remote i think my batteries are flat [img]/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]
still pimpin,.


Personally i don't uise them b/c they dont work for me

So don't feel too special!

i use 91/155.. then 69/169.. then 69/169 again!


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