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hate mail

Quote:who cares about stupid mail they sent you.You win cuz you have his money.
i totaly agree with that
[Image: club.gif]

From: HomiePA Date: Apr 4, 05 - 07:17PM Delete Reply
you [censored] lil bitch and learn to spell

From: HomiePA Date: Apr 4, 05 - 07:13PM Delete Reply
race me so i can prove gettin higher then you is point less
if he wasnt a [censored] retard he would no i can not spell
mecca :postwhore:

i haved gotten plenty of hate mail from people like noobs i hit or dont race they send me hate mail i think it is so [censored] funny
OIF Veteran

Born To Kill


U just ur HATERS on ur ban list.. dUH!

You don't have to learn how to spell because you stole all his money and your rich enough not to go to school!

the ban list is gay i would rather flame there ass then get them on ma ban list and if u wernt a [censored] retard there a reaosn i dont race or nuffin in mc because i dont sit on ma ass all day i got to school smoke some colts and com home
mecca :postwhore:

WTF.. So ima retard now?

U dont even play mc so y the hell u in the mc forums.. DUH..Go play TS and get the [censored] out here dam..

Stop Startin [censored]!

after i hit him, he sent this...

From: SrY4yA Date: Apr 5, 05 - 04:01PM Delete Reply
u bastard

lol, like that is going to hurt me...

Here's another one...

From: Quoople Date: Apr 5, 05 - 07:02AM Delete Reply
They should really change this HI thing, its really getting [censored] annoying, so [censored] easy to hi.

accualy i do paly mc look up mecca_boy and ull see me
mecca :postwhore:

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