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top HI crew

jus because this game is so based on HI's and stuff like that...my idea (dont know if u would like it or not) is to make a list for top HI crew...the way u caculate the amount u have is

1.the amount of hits the crew has

2.the total amount of damage inflicted by the crew


3.the amount of hits ur crew has x the total amount of damage inflicted...

that way peeps can get medals for top HI crew and top crew...

this could also be done with car theives as well...

lol. well one crew could own every game period. not that hard. just get good HIers in one crew and HI. and u win. lol. it would be cool to try out tho
76 HIs and counting

i think #3. i love that this idea a lot. it think it would awsome and would defenitly add a new sense of competetiveness. great idea.
midnite is spelled wrong.

i was jus thinking though that since most peeps like to HI but know that they cant get top HIer or booster...jus try sumting new so more peeps would have an icon for theives...

Quote:lol. well one crew could own every game period. not that hard. just get good HIers in one crew and HI. and u win. lol. it would be cool to try out tho

Then you never would have a top HI-crew icon then?
Big Grin

yea but then Ray wiuld prolly make HIing a little harder with different numbers and such, but I would liek that idea alos, but stolen cars and homeinvasion would all count as the same so you could do both in the thieving crew
Youll never see me in the "ideas and suggestions" or "boost Mode" forums...

Its a prty outa it idea but if u had one person like skogey or you (Lude) going hard at it it would take a crew to just match you guys let a alone pass u,it does keep it more open 2 everyone tho ...a bit of polishing and it could be good....
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

sounds like a pretty koo idea though huh....lol...then peeps will start trying again...and all the vets would jus own everyone...lol...

AS per noraml ...
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

Ya good idea
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