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huh? :confused:

in that link you are asking people if they want to join your crew...so you are goign to be a crew leader next session. and then you are in this thread asking romeo if you can join akika fujisawa. so i was wondering how are you going to run a crew and be in another.
midnite is spelled wrong.

If romeo invite me to his crew then im not gonna make my own crew. if he says no then i have to

I would like to join... i think tread could vouch for me... if not smedvig could

Romeo can i join ur crew??? Wink

fuelpimp il ask tread see wat he says but im not to sure yet.

renzo i spoke to u on msn thats covered.

shmed u the man!

and lude....bro id let u in n all but u know....how it is...u got by me membership ... LOL

dont go boosting my cars

he is good
put him in the helper and see how he does
"Whats the ultimate rejection?... Wen you are masturbating and you hand falls a sleep"

90teg2 says:
and if i cant eat it i dont want it!!

hhahahaha..romeo u crazy...lol....nah..u know im making ur helper...hopefully i can be as good as u.. Cool

Sry Rom3o bro i was out 4 a lil,im back now tho,i look 4ward to seeing what this round holds ...me and u gta have small chat on MSN bro .....hit me up

Lol lude u da man
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

thx for the help with ur acc last session black.

and u know ur down but damn top25 stil aint even up so many changes next session

who wants to be co leader? kaibigan? hmmmm but matt aint on much maybe sil80 hes the man

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