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Rom3o bro u knw i always got ya back ...and i agree beth should make u a mean helper and then u return the favr nxt round,Slick sort out what crew u racing 4 dude lol
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

can i bring sting and rippingrider with me still?
"Whats the ultimate rejection?... Wen you are masturbating and you hand falls a sleep"

90teg2 says:
and if i cant eat it i dont want it!!

tell them join my helper and lets see how they do first... Cool

Quote:why is beth hatin lol she should make me some mroe dinner n a helper n il help her back next session lolz.

how is it that im automaticly considered "hatin"?

beth man i was joking wen i said that pudding u made wasnt nice JOKING and u took me seroiusly now u in bad mood its not hait its just figure of speech damn chil =P

slick u fuk of an uncle u r on every fukn list i ask u on msn u beat around the bush so i just didnt put u on list cos i duno wtf u doing.

lude u know ur cool, black u know ur dope.

and ripping n sting go in helper 1st

*looks for name on list*
Fine then Ill go else where... :p

joey i dont need anotehr elite home invading goodlookign druga ddict i need racers biatch jump in the helper.

and ummmm GIJOE the man is in i forget him hihi :o

Yo I will race next session if you need me.

game name

i cant join Sad

count me in romeo
midnite is spelled wrong.

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