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Hey all, try it out its free and tight

I can give ya a few... Wink

Congrats on achieving your Goal bro.. Smile


I got waaaaaayyyyyy more numbers than ryan, i can bet ur life on that


whatever ryan tells u i prolly told him Confusedmirk:


You do have more numbers than me, but I only ended up needing two. I used my number online, and one of the two I got from you offline. The bigger one I never got to hit, but I will keep trying this round. Just gonna use it as another testing period for numbers, and look for bugs here and there. And if I get Top 5 again, just another added bonus... :p

"Hey all, try it out its free and tight"

I have heard that before, and as soon as you're done she's asking for a roll of cash Tongue
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Mean ......no CC can still play Smile well 4 2 days lol
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

is it like TS hittin if so i'll dust of my old numbers an pwn again :p
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