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Who is the most underrated player?

As the title says, give your opinion.


Me for doin this today....


Vehicle Color Value Sell
Toyota Corolla/Trueno White $665,294
Honda S2000 (AP1) Berlina Black $669,049
Toyota MR2 (SW20) Black $1,719,054
Toyota Corolla/Trueno Red $915,224
Honda S2000 (AP1) New Formula Red $1,277,590
Porsche Boxster S 987 Basalt Black Metallic $1,728,294
Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 Basalt Black Metallic $1,009,604
Mazda RX7 RZ Snow White Pearl Mica $998,834
Toyota MR2 (SW20) Orange Mica Metallic $681,839
Ford Cobra SVT Convertible Oxford White $990,019
Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 Meridian Mettalic $745,599
Toyota Corolla/Trueno Red $694,264
BMW M3 E36 Dark Blue $448,527

im a unknown good racer.

Noobs ,you never recomend yaslf thats just stupid,hrmmm Black Rain or Quick Chick,altho they are known to some most have no idea about how crazy they are in racing aspects :grin:
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

k, if i cant say myself then i say rain. he rules

o..we cant say our selves...that sux....

Well if u can pick yourslf ...then you going to have EVERYONE come in here and pick themslfs then this post will b over so y not make it who u think is the most underrated
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

I would rather be under rated then anything. Never let them know what you are truely capable of.
When I Fall Asleep You're All That I See, I Wish I Could Be All That You Mean To Me, My Angel Without Wings Smile

Rakim I love you <3

Monte is that u in that sig ???

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